Enterprise Content & Quality Management                                                  

Quality management - improving all the time 


Are you a New Zealand or Australia business wanting to improve?

ECQM assists businesses on their way to an outstanding company. You can benefit from a wide range of services and tools tailored to your needs:


Software Tools:
- IQSoft by IQS - Integrated management software solution!


Management Systems:
- EFQM Business Excellence
- ISO 9001
- Lean Management

- Quality Management Consulting
- Auditing

- Training
- Coaching
- Project Management

- KANBAN / Pull Principle
- Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)
- Key Performance Indicators (KPI) / Critical Success Factors (CSF)
- 5S workplace organisation method
- Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
- Ideas Management
- Supplier Management
- Document Management



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